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How I Learned to Bend Steel

Published on August 11, 2015 by The Daily Beast

The documentary ‘Bending Steel,’ now playing on demand, chronicles how Average Joe Chris Schoeck became a real-life Superman. Here, he tells his story.

I began bending steel October of 2009. Was it purely random? Not really. Initially, I thought choosing to bend steel happened by chance. In reality, it was handed to me.

I was first an avid Olympic weightlifter, and it was an oldetime strongman Joe Rolino that awarded me my first weightlifting trophy. At over 100, he was ageless. He still had all of his own teeth, a mind like a steel trap, and a ferocious grip. His powerful grip amazed me because he was not a big man. But despite his age and stature, I learned that he could bend quarters in his teeth. He was a real superhero. Something only read about.[…]


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