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Old-time Strongman Chris Shoeck is Bending Steel

Published on August 20, 2015 by Muscle & Fitness

When M&F uses the term “strongman,” it typically refers to a large, burly man who pulls trucks, does atlas stone carries, yoke carries and other events that are featured in international competitions. Chris "Wonder" Shoeck is a little different. He's an “old-time strongman," a dude not known for physical stature but for circus-like strength performances such as bending steel bars and ripping phone books.  The 5’7” 155-pound New York natvie has been a personal trainer for 18 years but the recent buzz surrounding his performance in the documentary film “Bending Steel” has fueled a will to be a full-time old-time strongman. Bending Steel follows Shoeck as he develops mental and physical strength to bend a steel bar that’s 30 inches long, two inches wide and 3/8 inches at New York’s historic Coney Island. M&F recently spoke with the “Super Bender” to talk how he trains to bend thick ass steels bars and how he get involved with the art that is old-time strongman. [...]


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