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The Artswire Review: Bending Steel

Published on April 25, 2013 by Artswire

The magic of Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY has always been placed in the past. The classic memories of the boardwalk in its heyday include the Freak Show, the Bearded Lady, and the Strong Man. That final Coney Island attraction has been sorely lacking in recent years and Chris Schoeck would like to do something about that. He would like to become a professional Strong Man and bring this lost art back. The problem with Chris is that he doesn’t have a lot of confidence and is extremely introverted. So he’ll need a lot of help to get out of that shell and make his dream come true. Along with his trainer Chris Rider and several Strong Men of the past he’ll work towards his ultimate goal – To be a Strong Man performing at the legendary Coney Island stage. And to literally start BENDING STEEL[…]


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