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Indianapolis International Film Festival Coverage – Dave Carroll’s Bending Steel

Published on August 5, 2013 by Spirit of the Thing

The best thing about going to a film festival, chances are you get access to films that have very little or no buzz around them at all. After all, that’s why they are at the festival. I try to go into most screenings of any kind untainted as much as possible by hype or reviews so I can have free access to my own feelings about what I have seen. So when I was picking out the lineup of films I was gong to see at the Indianapolis Film Festival, Bending Steel fit the time I was going to be there and it had an exceedingly interesting premise – a 43-year old man named Chris Schoeck overcome with the passion for bending metal decides with the help of his mentor Chris “Haircules” Rider and other heavyweights in the community, to bring back the Oldetime Strongman who was once a ubiquitous part of the attractions at the turn of the century at places like Coney Island. How could I not give this one a chance?[...]


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